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Hi, I'm Kyana

And welcome to the nest! This is my little Charlee B–the reason you’re visiting The Sleepy Bee website and why I decided to become a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I’m the person that can take away all the confusion, frustration, and exhaustion from life with a baby or child that is struggling with sleep.

I had it all planned out. I went to school and obtained an advanced diploma in public relations and a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. I was working a great job, my boyfriend and I moved into our first home, and we had a baby on the way.

As a first-time mum, I knew I would get less sleep and I prepared myself for that! Or so I thought… But nothing I watched or read prepared me for the hours I spent listening to my newborn cry from overtiredness. I tried everything… the car, the swing, the stroller, you name it. I was left feeling helpless, like I was failing as a mum and failing my baby. I knew how the sleep deprivation was affecting me, so I was left only to imagine how it was affecting her.

I soon discovered sleep training. I had never heard of it and neither did anyone I reached out to. I was reluctant, but I took my chances anyway. Three weeks later, my “terrible sleeper” turned into my Sleepy Bee. Charlee’s short naps lengthened and became more consistent, and she started sleeping 12 hours a night! My whole family got to enjoy the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep consulting was never in my plan, but I had found a passion for something I didn’t even know existed. The desire I felt to change the lives of other families was unexplainable and I couldn’t ignore it. I have undergone an extensive training program that is recognized by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. It’s my goal to provide families with the sweetest sleep their busy bee can get.

Quality sleep is the key to healthy development for everyone in your household, but especially for your little bees who are growing so much every day.

Together, we can get your family buzzing (and sleeping) again.