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Sleep Consulting

for Newborns & Children

About us

As a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, I not only help your child create lifelong healthy sleep habits, but I educate and support your family along the way. My values, family, empathy, and dependability, are embedded in every customized sleep plan that I create. Your child and family are unlike any other, so I ensure to meet your personal needs, goals, and work in alignment with your parenting style.

Our Packages

0-12 Weeks

Looking to get a handle on your newborn’s sleep before it becomes a challenge? Even though your newborn can’t yet sleep through the night, there is a lot you can learn about creating good sleep habits, managing expectations, and how to encourage quality sleep.

3-17 Months

Your busy bee’s sleep needs are beginning to change. Maybe your baby is struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep not only at night, but at nap time too. Are they waking up way too early? Whatever sleep challenges you might be facing, we can help!

18 Months – 5 Years

Is your little one ruling the roost? Children this age tend to do that because they’re learning all about their autonomy! Whether they’re 18 months or 5 years old, it’s never too late to teach healthy sleep habits. Are you ready to say goodnight to your busy bee and goodbye to bedtime battles?

Hi, I'm Kyana!

And welcome to the nest! This is my little Charlee B–the reason you’re visiting The Sleepy Bee website and why I decided to become a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I’m the person that can take away all the confusion, frustration, and exhaustion from life with a baby or child that is struggling with sleep. Are you ready to get some sleep?

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